Image courtesy of El Bueno, El Feo y El Malo

Yours the burden of engineering roof,

Of weaving a covering to hem my heart in;

Yours the choosing of living  aloof,

Of turning a blind eye to layers wearing thin.

I cried in the downpour; your ears heard me not.

I melted in summer heat; your eyes didn’t see.

I begged for your covering; you gave me no thought;

I whispered your name; you ignored whimpered plea.

You left me open to terror by night;

You left me helpless to predators on prowl;

I prayed for a roof, for your guidance, your light,

Your gave the legacy of ignorance foul.

My heart grew deep callouses, my voice hid away;

I adjusted to circumstance, and lowered my eyes.

This charge at your pitiful door I now lay –

You failed me.  Your protection was just thin disguise…