Witness to a Coronation

sunrise ash tree

Lightning kisses  gem-crusted crown,

alights upon noble forehead;

sunrise slowly smolders,

clasps clusters of diamonds

around royal throat.

Epaulettes are embellished

with sparkling insignia,

waist encircled with sash of sapphires.

Trousers lit by torch-lit tourmaline,

shoes polished to a singular sheen


King Ash is resplendent

head to toe.


I watch,

enthralled by the pomp

and splendour,

witness to a



I had a front-row seat to the most magnificent sunrise ever to strike the face of a hoar-frosted earth this morning!  I was brought to tears as I realized that I was witnessing a coronation of sorts.  As Jacob did of old, I ‘leaned on my staff and worshipped’…


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