The Sound of Silver

hoarfrosted branch


Silent skies spin silvered dreams,

Unbidden memories split silver seams;

Silver hair crowns ancient head,

Knowledge the treasure, and silver the thread.

Ice Tattoos


Frosted feathers, heaven’s crown

of fairy dust for angel gown;

Slivered prisms, breath of Muse,

tantalising ice tattoos.

Silver-Spun Cells


Silver-spun cells of gossamer thought,

threaded on breeze-blossoms, skilfully wrought;

whispers of whirlwind,  fairy-frost food,

share your sweet secret – how do you stay glued?

Delicate membranes with hearts on your sleeve,

barely there brainstorm, a brittle-crisp weave –

filmy exquisite, in raiment of lace,

what holds you together while running your race?


How ironic that such beauty is to be found in the weak places…can it be that we, in our humanity, in our very fragility, are beautiful?

The Bride

willow frost

Ever the bridesmaid,


third wheel –

until tonight.


Sought out.


relentlessly romanced.

Delighted over,

enraptured by,

the  Lover of your Soul

paints you beautiful,

veils you in Murano lace,

drapes your shoulders with diamonds,

parades you before your peers,

dressed head to toe in