The Biggest Losers

easterThe tomb is empty

All sin’s burdens roll away

God’s weight loss program

But Soft, On What Yon Pole Doth Break (or ‘The Little-Known Shakespearian Pole Tragedy’)


But soft, on what yon pole doth break

the breath of heaven’s dew,

in frozen apparition sweet

to tempt a child of two

to get him hence and lick said pole

with tongue egressed in kind;

Forsooth, what pain for him whose flesh

doth overpower mind!


Verily and anon, I beg of thee – keep thine tongue within its housing when thou dost wander past a tempting flag pole!

There’s a Stranger in My Garden

There’s a stranger in my garden

in a suit of red and white;

his belly wiggles in the wind,

it’s quite a jolly sight.

He brought the North wind in his bag,

and showed up with the frost –

if this is Santa, tell him that

his calendar is crossed!


You’ve always craved the limelight,

your 15 minutes of fame;

you consider publicity your birthright,

and exposure for you is a game.

Well, I’ve got my lens on you,

so obscurity’s a thing of the past;

I’ll give you the credit you’re due –

your beauty is destined to last!


Isn’t it great to be able to freeze a moment in time, and create a lasting monument? ┬áThis ‘Limelight ‘ ninebark shrub is now immortalized!