Thoughts Upon a Tassimo

chai tea latte


O steaming hiss, O spiced delight

Which percolates this frigid night,

You melt the coldest, hardest heart

By brewing scalding works of art.


You know it’s cold when your own government puts out public service announcements warning you to stay indoors because of a dangerous wind-chill factor. Long live the Tassimo!








Mid Life Living

clematis fuzz


Summer’s hair is growing spare,

Her locks are going grey;

Her closet sports an orange theme

Since greener frocks are frayed.

Her temperature jumps back and forth

From warm to showing claws;

I wonder if her neighbours know

That she’s hit menopause?


Going Bare

clematis seedhead


She slips out of silk, chiffon

garments dropping to the floor

in silent summer sighs like

flower petals. Leaving them

where they fall, she fingers her

wardrobe with a practised hand,

stopping briefly at her warm

wool suit, dismissing it as

too formal, too restrictive.

Dissatisfied, fingers trace

the rack again and again –

this too plain, this too last year,

that too wintry for autumn

sun. A thought strikes. Mirth tugs at

the corners of her ruby

lips as she wriggles brilliant

toenails into a leafy

carpet. “I’ll do it!” she grins.