Icy Octopus


Frosty tentacles

Sea-foam ink on sky-blue seas

Icy octopus


Leaves of Life

metal leaves

As leaves of life are pages turned

each sunrise and each setting eve,

so Time requires accounting earned

of heart, and what heart has achieved;

what ink was etched in living light

upon those souls within arm’s reach;

what words with honey sweetened plight,

or actions wrote with keener speech?


What one thing can you do this day to make the world around you a better place? ¬†We need to stand together against evil, or peace on earth will remain a distant dream…



just as you were about to bloom,

nipped in the bud,

but this is not the end of your story;


the pages

are white as snow –


prepped for heavenly ink.

Yours is not the Denouement,

but the