Glittering Ghost of Gardens Past

hoarfrost sunflower head

Glittering ghost of gardens past,

you contain grain, a hope that will last;

though you are crippled, a Tiny Tim breed,

when Scrooge-Winter passes, you’ll scatter good seed.

Leaves of Life

metal leaves

As leaves of life are pages turned

each sunrise and each setting eve,

so Time requires accounting earned

of heart, and what heart has achieved;

what ink was etched in living light

upon those souls within arm’s reach;

what words with honey sweetened plight,

or actions wrote with keener speech?


What one thing can you do this day to make the world around you a better place?  We need to stand together against evil, or peace on earth will remain a distant dream…

Branches Baring All

Calligraphic nibs

etch meaning in an empty sky,

fingernails scratching glass,

scribes recording ticks and tocks.

Abacus counting season’s syllables,

limbs leaking language

in a thousand tongues –

branches baring all.

Sea of Roses

Drowning in a sea of roses,

Petals are what wave composes,

Surf and swell a thorny stem,

Buds and leaves form briny gem.


Davy Jones holds rosy key,

Bounding main in rosy sea,

Soul surrenders to the foam,

Surging breakers call hearts home.


This poem marks the 200th I have written since May, when I started writing poetry in earnest….

My Book Went Live Today!

Here is my new book!  It went LIVE today, so you can order your very own copy from the publisher right here.   I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my work with all of you.

Check out further details on my brand new page, ‘Buy the Book’.

I’ve been battling some sort of infection and have been in pain and feeling pretty much miserable on and off all week, so this exciting news could NOT have come at a better time!  🙂