What the Sundial Said

HDR sundial

Why wait for Summer

While the seconds tick away?

Inhale this moment,

Teach your lungs to breathe Today.

‘Now’ is something fragile,

A gift that never lasts;

Every second precious,

For soon it’s called the Past.

Summer’s End To-Do List

clematis radiance

Soaking up sunshine

Storing rays for darker days

Treasuring the light



Your words paint time still –

 sun forgets to race,

 earth pauses mid-stride,

moon holds her longest note,

vibrato kissing stars.

Heart hibernates,

pulse slows;

in this moment,

I am Mona Lisa,

caught in secret smile.

I am  waterlily,

wetting Monet’s daubed brush.

I am


and shadow

and tone

and hue,

whispers under covers

and smuggled glances;



found out,

captured by lens,

immortalized by sonnet.




Budding Well

Held aloft on dainty stem,

Feeling autumn breeze;

Floating bodice, dancing hem

Tantalizes bees.

Contemplating frost’s approach,

Knowing pending Fate;

Blooming, scorning all reproach –

Budding well won’t wait.

Freedom’s Lullaby

Breathe in deep,

Slow the pace,

The Sky’s the limit in this place

Where  drinking in

This moment’s grace

Can slow the clock and buy some space

For spirit cords

To cut the ties

That bind the heart and rule the mind;

Fill your lungs

With this sky,

And drink in Freedom’s Lullaby