Lord of the Wheel

Lupine waterdrop


And the circle, unbroken,

turns. Wheel within a wheel, spring

rotates through greening hillsides,

iris flags and rhubarb pie,

driving into summer dressed

its berry-best for wedding

parties beneath cathedral

skies. Autumn, bent heavy with

harvest-heaps of golden grain,

labours to gather itself

in. When winter’s wheel lets Earth

put up snowy feet, tired from

her annual production,

spinning slows, hibernating

heartbeat lulling all to rest.

Each intersects with its mate,

drawing one to its death, one

to its birth; each turn reveals

a sliver, an iota,

one grain more of its Master.


Lord, You Stir

Lord, You stir in breathless wind,

hover close in gentle dew,

shine in slanted sunlight beams,

dance in scalloped leaf-edged hue.

Tiny cells declare Your work,

whisper Your creative flair;

I sense You in this garden grove,

 breathe You in sweet sacred air.

So Many Bleeding Hearts

So many bleeding hearts

on display wherever I go.

Why, Lord?

Why so many?

Why don’t you

fix the economy,

destroy the Abuser,

deal Poverty its death-blow,

restore relationships,

and heal this land?

Why don’t you

do something?

What’s that?

You already did?

Oh, I see.

You sent me…

Well, what can I do?

I am only one!

Don’t you see all those bleeding hearts

hanging in the balance?

What’s that?

You want me to do what?

Just one.

One bleeding heart at a time.

With Your help.


Just one.

Only one.

I can do that,

if you will help me.

You already are?

I remember now.

You are Big,

and You are Strong.

Which one, Lord?

Thank You

Thank You for the sky so blue,

Thank You for a day that’s new;

Thank You for companions fair,

For water clear, for food to share.

Thank You for a heart to hold,

For clothing when I’m feeling cold.

Thank You for Your blessings,too;

And Lord, this day, thank You for You!