Big Smile daylily


Angel dust and elfin gown,

Signets in a pixie crown;

Galaxies with gemstones strewn,

Magic in a flower rune.

How does Nature speak to you?




Perhaps if petticoats were pearls

And thoughts were stars with chocolate swirls,

Moments wrapped in petalled lace,

Where tear-drop diamonds hold in place

Bright fairy-wands, of age-old make

Fair magic-wrought, for magic’s sake –

Then I could keep you here with me,

Shut out the worst catastrophe,

Bind our hearts with fairy glue

So I could always be with you.

Magic Snow-Globe

delphinium seed head

Window to a netherworld,

a looking-glass of white;

crisply permed and freshly curled,

a monochrome delight.

Wait upon the windowsill

for handsome Prince and horse;

magic snow-globe, if you will,

please whisk me to your source.

Sunrise Crowns the Coming Day

Sunrise crowns the coming day

with gilded glow, potential deep;

clothes each moment with a  grace

befitting royals;  while the sleep

is rousing off each dewy head,

beauty knits with reverent hand

a mantle out of golden thread,

and spreads its magic o’er the land.

The Portal

There’s a way through the wet that will whisk you to dreams

Where Narnian kingdoms are just what they seem,

And elf-sprites and fairies more real than your skin

Cavort there, and frolic along with their kin;

The door only opens but once in 10 years,

And many will miss it in their short careers;

So when you hear hinges to ports in the sky

Hold on to the magic, lest it pass you by…