Mirror Image

spring reflection

As water represents the truth,

A mirror of the world above,

May I reflect a heavenly view,

And duplicate Your perfect love.

Mirror, Mirror


Mirror, Mirror, frosted pane,

Frozen glass of snow’s domain,

Is this reflection true to me?

A frozen heart in frothy sea,

condemned to lie in icy form,

forgetful of a world that’s warm;

frigid with unbending stare,

becoming one with Arctic air.

In the Mirror

Looking deep inside


“Who looks outside, dreams.

Who looks inside, awakes.”   – Carl Jung

Where have you been looking?  Do you recognize what you see?

Are there any cluttered closets

In the house that you call ‘me’?

Do you even know the person in the mirror at your side

Or is your body just a prison

Where your truest self can hide?

– Melody Lowes