He Never Saw Her Value

He never saw her value,

the way the sun drew out

the gold in her hair and  her heart,

until it was too late.



mining worth from the

crumbs he tossed at her feet,

she died to him slowly;

over years of neglect,

the arteries seeking sap

withered and found new source.

He reaches,

but grasps air –

she is falling,


ore he can no longer touch,

gem he can no longer claim

as his own.

Cage Fighter

You shouldn’t even have drawn your first breath.

Yet here you are,

a magnificent warrior,

battling the odds

and winning.

Enthralled, I watch the match –

Cage Fighter versus the World.

Your moves were honed in the Ring of Reality;

Your skills were suckled  on dry mammaries of neglect.

One last well-placed kick fells the Giant,

and your cage