Life taught her well –

hide beneath pretty

packaging, paint sleeves

pink like brittle


fingernails to ward

off the curious

and offer a semblance

of heart without


engagement. Scars

mean band-aids,

amateurish wrappings

to disguise the terror


of being known, the

risk of offering her

self and finding that

she is not enough.




You let it all hang out,

nouns, idioms,

dangling participles,

taking a chance on


the conventions of language

to underscore your point.

Your openness spills ink

onto life’s crumpled


pages. Your transparency

builds a story line,

romantic innuendoes

of historical significance


which weave complexities,

nuances of tone and metaphor,

smudges of graphite

on lines yet un-penned.




Let Me In


Serrated plates,

rows of overlapping scales

went out with the disappearance of the dinosaurs,

died on a Medieval joust;

discard the armour.

Little one,

precious child,

let Me in.

Show Me What You’re Made Of

Show me what you’re made of;

I’m not interested in air-brushed thighs

or botox smile

or cookie-cutter glamour.

I want to know what’s underneath,

where thoughts hatch dreams,

where secrets light your eyes.

Beneath the skin,

between the ribs,

where life-blood pounds

in veins of glass.


show me what you’re made of,

so I can let my mask fall,

autumn defoliation

that will leave us

au naturel.



risk being

burned when you

turn soul to sun.


lay all on

love’s line when

you don’t wear your



skin is exposed

and you don’t use

your lotion…


face life

stripped down,

 and you make me


Beauty Unfurled

Why do you hang your head, as though

The shame you carry was yours to keep?

Your beauty is lost on us, who

Grasp but a fragment, fallen asleep.

If you would  lift your countenance,

Bestow on your viewers your full charm,

We could water you with our love

And help you reject the pain and harm

You’ve endured.  Stand firm, fair flower,

You still have much to give our world;

If you will tilt back,  seek the sun,

Your hidden beauty will come unfurled…