In His Hands

canola seed


O minuscule Emperor,

driver of economies

and master of markets, Bull

and Bear are nought to your sway.


Builder of hearth, home, kingdoms,

governments topple and rise

to your tune, Dow Jones dances

when you pay the Piper to

play your ditties on Wall Street.


What power lies in this globe

of darkness? What strange strings pull

perpetual puppets, men

of finance bobbing rhythmic

in this obsequious two-

step? Black gold, global guru,

toss the dice and fuel our

hunger for domination.


You wouldn’t think that these unassuming black orbs could wield such power, would you? ¬†And yet, Western Canada’s Canola crop represents over $12 billion in our national economy. Now THAT is one powerful little seed….

Her Spines as She Sways




as she sways

to her own rhythm

hold a deadly, beautiful poison

for all who may incautiously approach;

mesmerized, her victims enter

to taste of her wares,

not sensing



If We Only

If we only counted sunshine,

left behind the darkest hours,

we would only live in snatches,

in the bits between the showers.

We would never know the power

of the sun without the dark;

we would never know a flower

if we’d never seen soil stark.


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Give Seeds Their Wings

Your season of labour ‘neath hot summer sun

Has come to a standstill; the seeds you have won

Are poised on the brink of a wondrous fall fling,

One you can’t control – so

give seeds their wings!