Mirror, Mirror


Mirror, Mirror, frosted pane,

Frozen glass of snow’s domain,

Is this reflection true to me?

A frozen heart in frothy sea,

condemned to lie in icy form,

forgetful of a world that’s warm;

frigid with unbending stare,

becoming one with Arctic air.


Your beauty, so exquisitely formed,

Is borrowed from a heavenly place;

Your colors, by a sunset warmed,

Are copies of unearthly space;

Your tender charm, your fragile bloom,

Reflect the glory found above;

For, woven on Creator’s loom,

You mimic Him, whose soul bleeds Love.

If You Chose

If you chose, you could dwell in midnight shade,

Covered in shadows, a shroud of despair;

The darkness would hide, your infirmities fade,

If you chose the safety of blackened lair.

But here in the sunshine, your beauty blooms,

Radiance spills from your vulnerable stance;

Reflecting Creator, created resumes,

Tripping the light fantastic in dance.