Mirror Image

spring reflection

As water represents the truth,

A mirror of the world above,

May I reflect a heavenly view,

And duplicate Your perfect love.


fall reflection


You are the gold

and I the reflection;

I am the copy,

You, its perfection.

If I can but mimic

Your brilliance and hue,

Impressionist painting

could point hearts to You.

Mirror, Mirror


Mirror, Mirror, frosted pane,

Frozen glass of snow’s domain,

Is this reflection true to me?

A frozen heart in frothy sea,

condemned to lie in icy form,

forgetful of a world that’s warm;

frigid with unbending stare,

becoming one with Arctic air.


Your beauty, so exquisitely formed,

Is borrowed from a heavenly place;

Your colors, by a sunset warmed,

Are copies of unearthly space;

Your tender charm, your fragile bloom,

Reflect the glory found above;

For, woven on Creator’s loom,

You mimic Him, whose soul bleeds Love.

If You Chose

If you chose, you could dwell in midnight shade,

Covered in shadows, a shroud of despair;

The darkness would hide, your infirmities fade,

If you chose the safety of blackened lair.

But here in the sunshine, your beauty blooms,

Radiance spills from your vulnerable stance;

Reflecting Creator, created resumes,

Tripping the light fantastic in dance.