Fully Grown

Morden Blush

The vows, inception, but a bud,

Which Time has now released;

The years, the layers, gracious flood

Where depth of love increased.

The petals, pathways intertwined,

Your fingers in my own;

The flower, beauty, souls aligned,

A marriage fully grown.




I’m Diving In

Rose of Sharon,

Your Beauty bleeds.

Layer upon layer, I prod and seek,

and as my vision

adjusts, I perceive.

Petals open and invite.

I see a delicate strength

wrapped in Glory,

enveloped in Mercy,

perfumed with Majesty,

lit with Love,

and I am lost,

drowning in a rose-scented sea,

drawn like an arrow

to the target of Your Heart.

I must have You.

I must find You,

breathe You in,

swim in Your ocean,

wrap myself in your skin.

I ‘m diving in, Lord –

catch me…

Love Is

Love is velvet on a petal of pink,

Rosy scent in a garden’s shade;

Love is a fountain when you need a drink,

A bloom of colour that never fades.

Love is protective, a thorn on stem,

Guarding the heart from the fiercest storm;

Love is layered, a hidden gem,

Mysterious, magical, complex, warm.

Love is beautiful, the bud of grace,

Unfolding in time to reveal sweet core;

Love is a rose, a delicate place,

A vow to surrender, a heart to adore .

Rose-Coloured Glasses

Ruffled petals of silken sheen,

No need here to primp and preen,

Beauty is as beauty seen,

You will be my go-between.

Opening when the sun comes out,

Slipping from the shadow of doubt,

What’s within is what’s without,

You will make my whisper shout.