It Could Have Been an Angel

frost overhead

It could have been an angel,

whose  rustle I just heard –

it could have been the breath of God

advancing Living Word;

it could have been a baby’s cry

with virgin-breath its kin;

it could have been my heart’s rebirth,

as Saviour entered inn.

If I Had a Jacob’s Ladder

If I had a Jacob’s Ladder

I could climb and touch the stars;

I would leave the past behind and

Make extinct these prison bars.

Rung by rung I’d inch up closer,

Climb upon my Saviour’s knee.

If I had a Jacob’s ladder,

I could find a way to Thee!

‘Tis the season for the Jacob’s Ladder to bloom.  I’ve been waiting to get a good shot of a creepy-crawly climbing it – but I have made do with my imagination when nature didn’t oblige me!