Tucked into the Root of Jesse


Tucked into the Root of Jesse,

Anchored there by wooden grain;

Feeding on the bark of crosses,

Nourished by the Saviour’s vein.


Pensive Percher


Pensive percher, do you worry

what this new year has in view?

Or do you trust your Saviour ‘s promise

always to provide for you?

It Could Have Been an Angel

frost overhead

It could have been an angel,

whose  rustle I just heard –

it could have been the breath of God

advancing Living Word;

it could have been a baby’s cry

with virgin-breath its kin;

it could have been my heart’s rebirth,

as Saviour entered inn.

If I Had a Jacob’s Ladder

If I had a Jacob’s Ladder

I could climb and touch the stars;

I would leave the past behind and

Make extinct these prison bars.

Rung by rung I’d inch up closer,

Climb upon my Saviour’s knee.

If I had a Jacob’s ladder,

I could find a way to Thee!

‘Tis the season for the Jacob’s Ladder to bloom.  I’ve been waiting to get a good shot of a creepy-crawly climbing it – but I have made do with my imagination when nature didn’t oblige me!