Disaster DIY

broken home


It’s not broken.

Just needs a coat of paint

and some appliance


Children raised here

will not grow

crooked backs or

necks or

morals or

hearts. Give them

extra birthday presents

and they’ll be fine

breathing in the dust

of our broken dreams

and bearing the


of our renovations.

Too Late



A world upended –

oh, how the mighty are fallen! –

will crash at the slightest touch,

the simplest negation of a nod. How


did her sphere of influence

shrink so small? How came this

significance unsignified? No

neurons carved integrated


pathways, nor relational

infrastructure; all looked

inward, mirror to a tiny

galaxy. Too, too late for

microcosm to expand at the

speed of living’s light; too, too

root-bound to escape the pot.

When molecule drops,


so will all expectations

into the river of the forgotten,

the scum to earthen pond’s

hoary crust of the damned.