sideways sunflower


















Nodding golden halo-crown,

Petals wrapped in dressing-gown

Curtsy low and, praying, bend

To usher in the Summer’s end.

Don’t be Sorry, Sunshine

Don’t be sorry, Sunshine, though glory meets its doom;

don’t grip your resentment though your smile has lost its bloom.

No insects vie for pollen, no bees hang on your words,

but in the sunset of your life, seeds satisfy the birds.

Sun’s Flowers

Sometimes the Sun is hard to behold,

We cover our eyes with dark shades;

Layers protecting the lies that we hold

Camouflage Achilles’ remains.

But gazing directly upon what is Real

And True and Brilliant in hue

Exposes the blossoms that Sunshine can heal,

And draws out Sun’s flowers in you.

Even Sunflowers

Even sunflowers have bad days,

When tears from petals leak;

Even sunshine hides her face

When clouds make brilliance bleak.

Even waves hang back in shame

When tidal forces woo;

So let emotion wash you clean

When life makes living blue.