fall flax


Earth’s rich tapestry

Spun from individuals

Stronger together


Fall flax field

The Loom

sunset Sask Landing


With shuddering of shuttle,

the warp meets the weft – Autumn’s

art in sunset tapestry.


Rhythmic cycle weaves copper

to crimson, scarlet to gold,

pattern passed down from ancient


hands. Loose threads are expertly

battened, strung between starry-

crisp nights and harvest-filled days


building texture as leaves (and

cloth) are shed, Autumn’s nimble

fingers flying to keep up.



From Where I Sit

From where I sit, above the  earth,

I see the way the threads weave through

the tapestry; each knot and stitch

is planted with a plan in view.

When down below, my eyes don’t sense

the way the Artist plots and schemes;

the colours clash, the pattern fights

against itself in rowdy seams.

But if I lift my gaze aloft,

appraise the whole from ladder height,

my heart is thrilled to see the plan

that weaves me in, with threads of light.