Poverty Stalks Around Railway Bend

Image courtesy of Brian Gaynor Photography

Poverty stalks around railway bend,

Where ignorance breeds its progeny vile;

This is where death and madness contend,

Where misty obscurity dulls each mile.

Who will step out of the shadows now,

And block His passage to innocent child?

Who will lift banner and force His bow –

To relinquish the lost, save the defiled?

Plague and destruction will mark His ingress

As blinded, we see Him,  and  sound no alarm –

Hooded, He’s coming, His footsteps are sure,

His fangs will spare no one, His progress spells harm.


Image courtesy of El Bueno, El Feo y El Malo

Yours the burden of engineering roof,

Of weaving a covering to hem my heart in;

Yours the choosing of living  aloof,

Of turning a blind eye to layers wearing thin.

I cried in the downpour; your ears heard me not.

I melted in summer heat; your eyes didn’t see.

I begged for your covering; you gave me no thought;

I whispered your name; you ignored whimpered plea.

You left me open to terror by night;

You left me helpless to predators on prowl;

I prayed for a roof, for your guidance, your light,

Your gave the legacy of ignorance foul.

My heart grew deep callouses, my voice hid away;

I adjusted to circumstance, and lowered my eyes.

This charge at your pitiful door I now lay –

You failed me.  Your protection was just thin disguise…