Snowflakes on Parade


Snowflakes on parade

Each a unique masterpiece

Strutting unafraid


Do you hold your own shape when crushed by the crowd?


Bloodlines always tell;

beauty is never skin-deep.

Your veins paint stories well;

your hue puts doubting to sleep.

Magnificent artistry,

unorthodox stance;

alluring majesty,

electrifying dance.

Crimson Tide

You may feel that you are the odd man out,

a fish out of water,

a freakish anomaly;


set the pace.

Be the thermostat

in a world of


Be one with Galileo,

and accurately read the heavens

while conventions sleep.

We will follow your lead

into uncharted places,

where life’s secrets lurk


true beauty

runs red, a crimson tide…

Late Bloomer

Long since, your companions budded,

blossoming under spring skies and early rains.

You were content to watch,

always a bridesmaid,

never the star attraction.

But now,

all lie brown and bedraggled,

a little on the seedy side,

and you,

fresh-faced and ruddy with life,

stretch pale wings

and take to the skies.

Now is your time to rise and shine

and revel in the beauty

that so becomes you.

Better late


before you

were ready…

One in a Billion

Image courtesy of Tomorrow’s World

At first glance, she is

one in a billion,

one of the Ordinary

in an endless sea.

Strewn carelessly aside,


lost in the tide of humanity.

Eye passes sightlessly over her form,

Glazes and sticks at general points;

Assumptions and misconstructions paint her in place,

The brush of illusion hollows her joints.

But –

If you are strolling on shores nearby,

And happen upon her in your perusal,

In choosing to give her a closer glance

You give generalities firm refusal –

In her

You will


Subtle hues,

Tints and shades never before seen;

Aquas and pinks and iridescent blues,

Beautiful sparkles and delicate sheen.

Not so very ordinary now,

When you have given her time to display

That one in a billion can truly be

Unique and distinctive in every way…

Ever been on a beach?  At first glance, the pebbles are all one in the scene.  But if you stop to give your full attention, your eye begins to pick out the ways in which each contributes its own identity to the whole; each has its own beauty, its own characteristics.  You and I, the Global Beach, have something to bring to the seashore that can make it a beautifully refreshing experience…