If naked eye could split the light

into prismatic rays,

or filter out pollution’s glare

and see through living’s haze,

mind could tally up the ifs,

the wherefores and the whys –

and not need a prescription drawn

to make sense of good-byes.

Heaven’s Gaze


When skies spin cotton candy clouds

(that sticky filament of faith)

our eyes are drawn to Turin’s shrouds

where, light released as holy wraith

descends to us through feeble gaps –

we can’t quite penetrate the haze;

earthly eyes are weak, perhaps

we need to see with heaven’s gaze.

A Lesser God


Unless the details of this life,

those structures of the things I see,

are faded by Your Glory-light,

take back-seat to Your Majesty,

my eyes will always think they’re true

and fool my senses, charm my mind;

thus taught, my vision makes of You

a lesser god of lowly kind.




as through a glass darkly,

eyes seek out Your light.

Veils, be gone –

cataracts seek sun

as surfer seeks sea,

rest and restoration

no matter the weather.


dawn of my heart,

bloom in rainbows

where winter once reigned.

Eyes Squeezed Tight

hoarfrost maple

Eyes squeezed tight to shut out cold

can’t see a winter world lit gold,

will not perceive the gift of ember,

can’t truly LIVE throughout December.


Our instinct when in pain is to flinch and shut it out – what are we missing of the lesson intended?