Candy Crush

frozen cranberries.jpg

Embryo in frozen state, life that lies in whispered hush;

Seeds have time to contemplate prospective perks of  being crushed.

Future fruit that owes its taste to winter’s harshest, toughest blow,

Shows us nothing is a waste – frost breaks us down to help us grow.

The New Green



Earth worships Green –

Bows beneath leafy canopies

To the fountain of youth,

Sings praises to virility and supple strength

In cathedrals fashioned by fads.

But after life killed her chlorophyll,

Her true beauty bloomed;

Wisdom and resilience have proven

Gold to be the new green.


At the Basilica

Euphrasian Basilica, Porec


Enter, hearts in need of rest,

Tread where ancient feet have trod,

Feel the Hallow in thy breast,

Find in silence words of God;

Let the sanctuary leach

Peace into thy weary soul,

Solitude, let wisdom teach

How love can make of parts, a whole.


Grading on the Curve


He who puts his hand

to the plough and then looks back

will never plough straight


Wind-carved furrows on the open prairie

How She Spends Her Time

orange daylily


Nature’s disbursement, copper

pennies (ticking time bombs) tap

out her allotment hour by

hour. Rich or poor, sinner or



saint, all receive one thousand,

four hundred and forty. Hers

used to slip through her fingers

like water, burning a hole


in her pocket on Pay Day.

But when her economy

collapsed, she diversified

her portfolio, making


investments in her children,

marriage, self – a penny saved

is a penny worth spending

on a day such as this one.