Hit the Lights!

Light is amazing.

Pure energy, it dashes through time and space at alarming speeds.

It comforts small children’s dreams in the guise of plastic cartoon characters plugged into walls.  It stimulates plant growth and powers generators.  It illumines pages under covers.  It discloses refrigerator contents.

And it lives in eyes when mouths are silent and moments need no words.


Without it, the world is – well, dark.  Drab.  A bit scary – a place for vampires to lurk and nightmares to creep and potential to lie hidden.  A place where true treasure remains undiscovered and beauty, cloaked.

So hit the lights!

“Who among you fears the Lord and obeys His servant?  If you are walking in darkness, without a ray of light, trust in the Lord and rely on your God.”  Isaiah 50:10 NLT

When the light pours in, ordinary sheds its skin, and extraordinary slithers out of its carcass.  Inherent beauty is coaxed out of the shadows.  Veins glow and pulsate with life!  Structure and shape gleam.  Colour radiates with new textures, tones, hues, and vibrancy.

Raise your face to it!  Meet your destiny with shoulders squared.

You don’t need to live in the dark any more.

Hit the lights!

4 comments on “Hit the Lights!

  1. petroneagu says:

    Oh, I love how the light spreads on that plant, to me it inspires so much peace 🙂
    Another great post, Melody! You have excellent writing skills!

  2. akateacher says:

    Your comment on the light guised as plastic cartoon characters made me smile. As a child, I had a clown night-light. . . one of those that sat on the dresser and had a cord to plug it in. The thing scared me to death, yet my parents still used it for a time. To this day, I’m still not too fond of clowns! I’m glad that Jesus is my light now, and I don’t have to rely on any clowns!

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