The Dare


Budding bride,

Womb of earthen vessel,

Your grace and dignity distend

And dismantle my weak argument.

Breath of life come full circle,

Your audacity dares me

To dream.

When the saskatoon bushes are blooming, I know that good things are coming.  Almost every year, they run the gauntlet of a late-season frost before they can go on to greatness.  The ‘old-timers’ in this area say that once in seven years, the wild saskatoons produce well.  They have to escape frost and insects, and moisture conditions must be ‘just so’ for them to bear the best berries.  They have an incredibly rich and unique flavour.   Mmmmm…..

4 comments on “The Dare

  1. These were a staple when I was growing up in Northern Alberta. Every summer, we would go pick Saskatoon berries for pie, jam, and just eating off the bush.

  2. petroneagu says:

    They do look so beautiful but most importantly cheerful 🙂 I dream to have a big garden one day, where I could find peace and tranquility any time I need (and that’s very often, hehe)

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