Curtains are Eyelids

Image courtesy of Appropriately Frayed

Curtains are eyelids, blinking trails of rusty rain from cheeks still as panes.

Glass glows with vague reflections of  love and life long gone –

Broken promises, baby bottles,

Whispers and dreams and bumps in the night.

House peers through soul’s eyes and

Remembers it all –

Daytime delights and nighttime ghosts of

Christmases past, festooned with magical light.

Curtains are eyelids to shut out the dust.

Hollow halls are diary pages marked with happy tears and

Funerals and grocery lists;

Words on stained walls are the shell that remains.

Furniture is gone and

Footsteps no longer linger at

That last stair that always creaked.

House has been turned inside out,

Vomiting the living into greener pastures.

But curtains are eyelids and

No one can scrape away the soul

That peers wistfully from eyes of glass…

4 comments on “Curtains are Eyelids

  1. Love it!!!!!!! What a wonderful description that gives life to this window. I can’t believe you can create such lovely work in so such a short time.I am so impressed!

    • melodylowes says:

      Why thank you! I am in a difficult period in my life and emotions are very close to the surface. The unexpected benefit is the poetry that keeps pouring out! So I’m writing as much as I can to capitalize – it may be just a ‘phase’ – who knows? I am learning to take the gifts from unexpected places and run with them…

      • That sounds like exactly the right thing to do! I write in spurts. Right now, it’s connecting through my blog and shooting photos that’s driving me. I hope you find a way through the hard times.

      • melodylowes says:

        Thank you – I am learning as I go, as we all must do. I love your photos – I learn from seeing how others procure their images, and am having a lot of fun experimenting with my own shots. It is very fulfilling, isn’t it?

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