On Its Way

Crystals on a pebbled shore,

Glinted edge on coastal floor;

Lakeside gems by jeweller banned,

Gravel on its way to sand.


All of us are a little ‘rough around the edges.’   Aren’t you glad that we are on our way to something softer?

5 comments on “On Its Way

  1. “Gravel on its way to sand.” Beautiful write. The photo is just mesmerizing. I miss the rough feel of pebbles beneath my feet…

  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Oh you KNOW how I love anything related to the beach, seashore! And yes, I’m feeling a bit rough around the edges at the moment–so, greatly looking forward to being presented without flaws, shining bright. Before I forget, Melody–I just talked you up to another Canadian blogger, Adele Somebody–shoot, I guess I won’t get paid for that PR work if I can’t even remember the last name (it was something complicated…I’ll try to find her again). Anyway, I told her that she should come over here and “taste the wealth”–a banquet of verse and photos. Her “About” sound Very Interesting–Christian faith, art, culture, etc. Now I’m rambling, must move on to your next poem…..love, sis Caddo

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