She is not unique;

no, she lies in a vast burial ground,

one soul among the masses.

Hers is the road of the Discarded,

the Abandoned,

the Utterly Forsaken.

When honour abdicates

and love is renounced,

something has to give;

so here she lies,

expelled for the sake of the fresh-faced and lithe-limbed,

scrapped like  defunct government programming,

tossed overboard in a game of chess

where she is Queen no more.

Who will pick up the pieces

in a world where

love lies littered,


where souls lie


15 comments on “Discarded

  1. Glenda Mills says:

    Love this Melody…so grateful to the One who picked up the pieces of what seemed like a discarded and unwanted life. Christ in Me…its all about How He sees me and how He pulls me out the pile of painful situations in life and gives new life again….metamorphosis…Thanks for sharing dear cyber friend and sister!

  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Wow, heavy little sermon-ette here, Sister. I am so glad we both know the ONE who does pick up the pieces–God bless you abundantly. love, Caddo

  3. You’re at it again, offering great analogies!

  4. Debbie says:

    What a heart’s cry . .. a prayer to take to Him. Thank you Melody. . ..and the photo was terrific!

  5. Seyi sandra says:

    God is even in charge of the discarded! I love this and the silent message scream out to me! Thank you Melody for this beautiful message…

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