14 comments on “Winter Requiem

  1. Gallivanta says:

    What an amazing photo. You do see some fabulous sights in your enviroment.

    • melodylowes says:

      I do – I need to remember that when the winter drags on too long. It is so important to be thankful and not let negative thinking crowd out what is beautiful…

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. RoSy says:

    A wintery spooktakular post!

  4. Caddo Veil says:

    Oh Mel!! I’m crazy for this one! Every word, perfect–and wow-wonderful on the photo too! God bless you this Monday-Monday–love, Caddo

  5. Heidi Viars says:

    Oooooh… love this, Melody!!! Great words!

  6. Scratch this on heavenly skies! VERY skillful !

  7. Debbie says:

    This was so so good, Melody, the photo and the poem! Wowzers! Thank you and God bless you.

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