Joyful golden lady’s slippers, ready for the ball,

Undulating grasses, growing new-fawn tall;

Noses full of lilacs, scented evening breeze,

Elegantly emerald, quaking aspen trees.


What delights you about June?

22 comments on “June

  1. short and sweet, and full of rhythm and motion…. I love the first line, and also really like the sound of “undulating grasses” & “elegantly emerald”!

  2. Caddo-Jael says:

    Oh how lovely!! Not crazy about June, especially–anniversaries that carry baggage–but the 2nd half will surely be an improvement over the the first 2 weeks. Great acrostic work, Mel!!

  3. Bastet says:

    🙂 fantastic!

  4. I love June because it feels “fully summer”. The days are long and sunny, the garden is growing with gorgeous tomato plants and best of all, there are still almost 3 full months of warm, heavenly weather left here in the Northeast!

  5. For me…I guess the pool being 86 degrees. Just my kind of swimming temperature. 🙂

  6. RoSy says:

    A wonderful post! I’m ready for the summer ball too 🙂
    I love June – memories of summer vacation, excitement for my kids, enjoying the outdoors, windows open, summer breeze, willow trees, warm sun…I can go on & on….

  7. California June-gloom is actually resting, reflective and blooming all around !

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