For Hymn, the Bell Tolls



Toll, ancient bell,

Ring home my wayward heart;

Sing to my soul,

Lest from the truth I part.

Chime, ancient notes,

To strum my wand’ring strings;

Peal forth your hymn,

To give my spirit wings.

19 comments on “For Hymn, the Bell Tolls

  1. Insight says:

    Beautiful! πŸ™‚

    – Rahul

  2. Mirada says:

    WOW-Wonderful, Mel.

  3. I like the title, very clever. And the scanned photo – Europe? Where?

    • melodylowes says:

      Rovinj, Croatia – It’s been so cold I can’t even get out and take photos lately, so I’m going through older ones. This one is from my one and only trip to Europe with my sister several years ago – I LOVED it!

  4. Eric says:

    I just love this poem, dear! πŸ™‚

    • melodylowes says:

      Thanks Eric for thinking of me. I appreciate that! I don’t ‘do’ awards anymore but I sincerely thank you for your visits and support and friendship.

  5. Tiny says:

    Very beautiful…winged spirit, I like that!

  6. Gallivanta says:

    Very appealing πŸ˜‰

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