Hearts of Stone


Hearts of stone cannot bleed;

aortas and ventricles

clog and contort,

but will not spill their precious cargo.

 Hearts of stone

may be islands,

coastlines of security for the soul interred –

but do not good bedfellows make.

Hearts of stone

do not conform to spooned softness

or adapt to reaching arms;

they will not break for others

or drive change in the leaking.

Better to bleed,


beat fast with the pain,

than to remain

a stone.

The Bride

Powerfully surrendered,

The Plain becomes the Chosen Bride.

She dreams of warmth and hearth and home and children.

She blooms under Groom’s watchful expectancy;

His love and choosing make her alive and whole.

His gaze infuses hers with dignity and strength,

And her diet becomes his words.

And as Groom speaks Life into her soul,

Her beauty becomes the fruit

That will feed the the sons and daughters of earth…

The power of being chosen by God to fulfill a uniquely crafted purpose gives a woman true inner beauty – one that will not spoil or fade with time.  Her source of power is in the assurance that she can do all things through Him who gives her strength.  What she can bring to the world healed and whole, is unstoppable – a rich harvest with which to nourish a starving world…

Life is Beautiful…

It’s been a tough year.

I’ve had my hands tied behind my back, and been forced to learn things I wish I never had to know about.  Things I would like to relegate to the dream-world, where nightmares creep.

But when I look up, and notice that I am breathing, and take in the sun and rain and breeze, and see spring finally on its way,   I remember that this is enough.


And that, after all, is beautiful.



Beautifully Painted Faces.......

baby faces .....

Faces of Peru

In all the vastness of the billions of people on this orb we call home, in every expression, in every heart, there is a spark of the creative genius that drove God to replicate lesser images of Himself…In this, there is beauty.   How is life beautiful to you?