golden ninebark

Gratitude glows gold –

Leaves unfurled from graceful trees,

Glory grown within

Home is Where the Crab Is

hermit crab


i want to

carry my

house on my

sleeve like a

hermit crab

picking my

way over sharp



to always

be at home

When Clouds Lose Their Temper

When clouds lose their temper,

they growl and rage;

they hiss and they thunder,

and don’t act their age.

They roil, drawing knitted brows

into dark frowns,

they cover the sun and spit at the ground.

Such rude misbehaviour

just can’t be ignored –

except by the sunflower,

who smiles all the more.


Isn’t she the picture of peace under pressure? ┬áThere is something there that I want to emulate in my own heart…


What if I, in seeking bloom

And beauty of my own,

Chose to let the Sonlight leak

Through skin, and flesh, and bone;

Umbrella of unusual form,

Transparent, not opaque –

To all the souls beneath my care,

What difference that would make!

It’s Your Attitude

It’s your attitude that I am drawn to –

you wear your beauty lightly,

a mantle to keep off a draft, nothing more.

No mirrors grace your walls;

instead, you look up,


contentment hangs like a visceral Presence

as you breathe the air of Joy.

This attitude of Gratitude

for sun, breeze, rain,

pleasures to behold and be held,

holds me captive in the Now

and I feel a tiny block of

bitter ice

melting in your gaze…