Eternal Spring


O temporary tomb,

O momentary mask,

you may have won the battle,

but you won’t have the last laugh.

Icy tentacles over the years

have but strengthened resolve

and built up resistance;

patience will finish its work

as Faith trumps treason.

Hope hangs onto higher hearth,

for true love conquers even death,

and ushers in

eternal spring…

Instinct in Overdrive

Instinct in overdrive,

claws at the ready;

perception of danger

makes blood pound unsteady.

Attack mode’s not needed

at this point in time –

wisdom will teach you

when heart rate should climb!


Do you ever fight the wrong battles?  

Where Light and Dark Collide

I see you are my Sister –

you live in Light and Dark,

good and evil

contained within your petals;

you have veins

and weaknesses

and stars paint your core full of

potential to shine.

Part walks in sun,

part lurks in shadow;

the ever-present battle for your heart

finds suitable warring ground

here, where

Light and Dark collide…