Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Hearts salvia

If my embrace could stop your bleed,

or smoothing brow make pain recede,

my love would ride, a great white steed,

to mend your bleeding heart.

But my heart bleeds, my soul is bent,

my broken parts sing like lament,

so humbly, trembling, I present

my fragile, shattered part.

If we who, fractured though we are,

combine our fragments,  name our scars,

embrace the cracks in ruptured jars,

could we be living art?


The snowstorm today made driving (and photography) a bit of a challenge.   So – how about some colour from last year instead??  🙂  “…treasures in jars of clay…”

Draw Truth Near

Allow the rays to paint your heart

And brush out darkness from its frame;

Embellish  hues with loving art

And give to feeling brilliant name.

Courageous palette  birthed in light,

Banish shadows, sideline  fear;

Revelation,  bring heart sight,

Sketch the path to draw Truth near.

So Many Bleeding Hearts

So many bleeding hearts

on display wherever I go.

Why, Lord?

Why so many?

Why don’t you

fix the economy,

destroy the Abuser,

deal Poverty its death-blow,

restore relationships,

and heal this land?

Why don’t you

do something?

What’s that?

You already did?

Oh, I see.

You sent me…

Well, what can I do?

I am only one!

Don’t you see all those bleeding hearts

hanging in the balance?

What’s that?

You want me to do what?

Just one.

One bleeding heart at a time.

With Your help.


Just one.

Only one.

I can do that,

if you will help me.

You already are?

I remember now.

You are Big,

and You are Strong.

Which one, Lord?