Colour-Coded Freedom



Until the morning’s dazzle,

she never knew the night

had stripped her eyes

of the ability to perceive colour,


and her blindness did not

offend. She groped and

cursed and stumbled

but assumed that all


of life was grey, tinted

with shadowy brush.

She didn’t even know

she was purple; to see


herself in sunshine

is a delicious shock.

She inhales the

rainbow feast of it


all and her dreams

are Technicolor,

Northern Lights

dancing to an internal


spectrum, ribbons curled

in amethyst flourish. She

thinks this colour-coded

freedom might be – joy.



Faith Will Give You Wings


When visibility is poor

you have to trust

the destination

keyed into your GPS;

flying blind

in a snowstorm

will always involve some level of


but if you rely

on your instruments,

your faith


give you


Now and Then

Now my vision warps, distorts,

as through a glass I view my life;

frosty film in darkness courts

misconstructions, blindness rife

with apprehensions misconstrued,

where senses, seizing on a ghost

demand surrender to the food

that liars choose to feed on most


Then, my blindness will be healed,

cataracts will be removed;

scummy blur will be repealed

as trust in what is real is proved

to make all else fade into night,

misty membranes melt away;

I will recognize the Right

when Truth and Beauty shine like day.


Born into Blur,

we see through a glass

darkly –

Perspective, skewed;

Direction, misguided;

Morality, blunted.


takes the God-prints

and super-imposes Black Death.


smudges lines,

builds fences,

dismantles bridges.

Coke-bottle lenses

paint neighbors as villains,

cloud the issues,

distract and detract

from the point.

Cut through cataracts

and snip through the wool;

Blur must be


Line up

with the visionaries

who await

the lasers,

and snap Blur into focus.


My camera quit completely on me this week – it will no longer focus at all.  I kept this image because it reminded me of our tendency toward blindness.  I want to be of those whose vision is corrected by holy laser surgery!