Bow Not to Defeat


Bow not to defeat,

but to King;

open mouth not to scream,

but to sing.

Bend only to pray,

not give in;

incline heart both without

and within.


Flexible, I lean with wind

and curve before its raging force;

Flexible, I shift when snowflakes

seek to send my path off course.

Flexible, I tilt my head

to follow path of arcing sun;

Flexible, I bow my heart

to Maker, when the day is done.


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I whisper, so as not to interrupt,

but your eyes see  Another, and my presence

melts into the recesses of the Cathedral;

my footsteps echo hollow on grass and stone.

Kneeling in reverence,

you rise above me to a secret place,

a cleft in the Rock;

and I am left behind, in this plane –

yearning, always yearning.

Even I can see

that in prostration, you achieve elevation;

you lift up your head

and bow your heart

and step over the threshhold