A New Year’s Prayer

frozen moon


Just enough raindrops to plant your hope deep,

Just enough losses to learn what to keep;

Just enough chaos to drive you to prayer,

Just enough failure to need Jesus there;

Just enough courage to hold your head high,

Just enough valleys to covet the sky;

Just enough sunshine to process the pain,

Just enough dying to rise up again.

Bedtime Ritual

summer sunset


Sunlight yawns and sighing, dons a cloudy negligée,

Tired trees tucked by the breeze fold leafy limbs to pray;

Sky surveys through rainbow haze as God turns out the light,

Day descends, and as she bends, she kisses me goodnight.

Just Breathe


Air so cold

it chatters


in pale lungs

sinks Arctic

anchors deep,


of the soul,

robs senses

of the choice

to exhale –

prayer bursts its

irons, breath

warmed by hope,

cold’s power


Stained Am I



Stained am I, and streaked

by this palsy, pollen-spots

falling as table-scraps onto

purity’s napkin. Holy

rain, wash my hands,

my feet, my heart, that

I would bloom beauty

in shades of redemption,

where mercy meets

malfeasance with a

gown white as snow.




She bends,


life has stripped

all illusory


power and prestige

from bandaged

eyes. She knows

now how poor,


blind, pitiful

and naked

she has been all

along. So


she does

what she should have

done long ago –





Here I am, Lord –



Tears are my most

loyal companion;

they trace the fault-lines

where sorrow cracks me wide.

Yet I take heart

as I think of You –


As buds are broken to release fragrance,

You were broken to release me.

The beauty of it

perfumes my pain,

gives it hope

and bloom.

For as Your deepest break

birthed your bravest flowers,

my broken

can blossom, too.