Going Grey

frosty barn


Grey is the day, and grey my mood,

Grey the air I ingest;

Grey is the hole burning within,

This absence in my chest,

Cavern which housed a living heart

Before I gave it to you,

Greys by the moment, the hour, the week,

The year as it bids adieu.




autumn barberry


Ruby red, her troubled lips,

Ruby red the blood that drips

From troubled heart which, breaking, sighs;

Loving even as it dies.


These are some thoughts from a year ago today, continuing my anniversary tour. It’s interesting to look back on what was on my heart at a different time, different place…

Meanwhile, Melody Muses...

A crutch for your foot,

A cane for your knee,

I’ll sign your cast for your neighbours to see.

A mechanized chair

And a ramp for your door,

A tablet to take when your muscles are sore.

A stick when you’re blind

And an aid for your ear,

Glasses and lenses when vision’s unclear.

A band-aid for blood

And a note on your chart –

But what do I do when the hole’s in my heart?

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Jagged Little Bloom

You smile to hide your jagged edge;

You think pretending is a wedge

To cleave your bleeding parts away,

Erect a wall from night to day


Smiling with a broken heart

Trains your brain in lying art;

And once you swallow untruths whole,

They sear your mind like burning coal


Admit your blooms are incomplete,

Look long and hard at wound’s defeat;

For when your jagged edge is known,

Your highest self you then can own.