In the Garden

Prairie blue eyes HDR


Hatred breeds where darkness obscures

the beauty attached to cells

which split and divide with remarkable similarity;

every heart bleeds blood.

Every soul’s veins mark its skin in tattoos inked with life.

To decide that one of the Earth’s peoples should be obliterated

is to nominate one flower for destruction.

Would you choose the rose? Or the sweet pea?

Which deserves death?

What reasons could justify the removal

of one shade in the spectrum,

 pure Light knit whole?

Colours, textures, scents, flavours –

the loss of but one is to deny the rainbow its arc,

the garden its splendour.

What great catastrophe will be required to cut away the cataracts

 that blind us to our collective dignity?


My heart is heavy as I consider some of the newsfeed I have read this morning. Will we never learn that hatred is ugly? That violence is evil? That each of us has a place in the Global Garden? What legacy will we leave to our children if we cannot learn to love our neighbours?


Born into Blur,

we see through a glass

darkly –

Perspective, skewed;

Direction, misguided;

Morality, blunted.


takes the God-prints

and super-imposes Black Death.


smudges lines,

builds fences,

dismantles bridges.

Coke-bottle lenses

paint neighbors as villains,

cloud the issues,

distract and detract

from the point.

Cut through cataracts

and snip through the wool;

Blur must be


Line up

with the visionaries

who await

the lasers,

and snap Blur into focus.


My camera quit completely on me this week – it will no longer focus at all.  I kept this image because it reminded me of our tendency toward blindness.  I want to be of those whose vision is corrected by holy laser surgery!