Prison Break



One day sun will melt the bars,

Open doors and mend the scars,

Free your spirit from your chains –

Winter’s just the labour pains.

There Are Two Sides to Every Fence

fence glow


When barriers break

Chains become a conduit

To the other side

Waiting for Legs


Lungs filled with fluid

chain her to the swamp,

drown her dreams

with their primordial


pull. But she lifts

her eyes from the

sludge, above the

bottom-feeding frenzy


to the world of

terra firma, of

grass and soil

and ambulatory


thrivers. Hers

is a hope that

floats to the surface,

waiting for legs.


Even tadpoles can dream…

Frozen Fingers


Frozen fingers point, accuse,

indict the earth for all her crimes;

frozen hearts in Trouble’s shoes

hear the fear in Memory’s chimes.

In a world where Winter reigns,

a Narnia ‘neath wicked spell,

who but Spring’s Son breaks such chains,

melts the shackles of such hell?

Frosty Forecast

Frosty forecast spells your doom,

Relegates to flower’s tomb;

Smile while smiling time remains,

Seeds will conquer frosty chains.