The Great Equalizer

Pompous pines and smug cedars,

set aside superiority –

last night,

God released the Frost Fairies,

those celestial ladies-in-waiting

whose expertise is festal fashion;


even the Ugly Ducklings

are Cinderellas,

even the weeds are winsome

in their fanciful finery.

The Great Equalizer,

frost paints all with the same brush –

seedling and signpost,

lilac and lantern,

thorn and thicket,

grass and grapevine;

 all are exquisitely,

royally dressed

for the Ball.


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Tiny Elfin Lady’s Slipper

Tiny elfin lady’s slipper

Left behind on midnight run;

Cinderella’s chimes are ringing,

She must flee  before they’re done!

Only dainty foot may find you,

Wicked sisters can’t fit in;

Tiny elfin lady’s slipper,

Cinderella’s foot

Will win!