Shine On

frosty sunflower


Shine on, little one,

though your petals crack 

with cold and icy 

shivers lick hungry

at your tender throat.


Shine on when Arctic

winds whisper white lies,

slanderous icebergs

distorting your image,

warping your purpose.


Shine on when frosty

tentacles deaden

pulse, sluggish sap-drips

creeping in dead-end

veins, maze of the damned.


Shine on despite cold

that hounds, ferocious

predator alert 

for signs of weakness,

patient for the kill.


For your name is Light.

Your breath blooms as warm 

sunbeams. You were born

to spin straw into

gold; so shine, shine on.










wrapped in icicle lights,

pummelled with Arctic blasts;



cursed with frosty casts.

Short days,

perennial nights,

benumbed betwixt and between;

underdogged, trodden-downed,

and yet –


Eyes Squeezed Tight

hoarfrost maple

Eyes squeezed tight to shut out cold

can’t see a winter world lit gold,

will not perceive the gift of ember,

can’t truly LIVE throughout December.


Our instinct when in pain is to flinch and shut it out – what are we missing of the lesson intended?

When Grace Cascades

frosty morning tree

Shiver-struck in winter’s grip,

frigid-bleak and glacial-crisp;

branch out, soul, when ice invades,

the more to catch when grace cascades.

Have You Seen Cold?

sundial sparkle

Have you seen Cold?

Henna-blued in shade Cold,

Stiff and frigid suede Cold,

Sparkled, gem-inlaid Cold,

Have you seen Cold?


Have you heard Cold?

Crisply crunching whack Cold,

Ice upheaval crack Cold,

Blizzard-blowing smack Cold,

Have you heard Cold?


Have you felt Cold?

Puts your soul to sleep Cold,

Biting, makes-you-weep Cold,

Hurts-to-breathe-in-deep Cold,

Have you felt Cold?


Loosely based on Joanne Oppenheim’s delightful children’s book ‘Have You Seen  Birds?’  For those of you who have never experienced temperatures in the -40s, you can’t possibly imagine Cold.  Here is your crash-course introduction…

Sing a Song of Winter

Winter Sparrow

Sing a song of winter,

a sparrow with a chill;

Sing about the way he flits

while filling up his bill.

Croon for him a song of old,

to sing the cold away;

Harmonize with frost and ice,

and winsome-warm his day.

The Tree


Coldness blunts the sunshine’s rays,

smothers all the warmth in haze,

keeps the Tree from dancing light

and knitting oxygen in flight –

but Tree won’t fret or swallow fear,

for she knows Christmas time is near,

when Peace and Love can melt the snow

and blanket Earth with heaven’s glow.