canyon trail


Be still, my heart, in safety wait

For all that’s good from heaven’s gate;

Serene, beat soft in tender tone –

With every cadence, you are known.


Thank you, Paul, for the reminder that I am seen and known!

I Am Job


I am Job,

the One of Multiplied Loss.








self –

all are added on Affliction’s Abacus.

Feeble fingers

let them slip,

great blood-drops

to a parched and greedy earth.

Having nothing more to hold,

I lift hands to heaven,

free to worship He who

gives and takes away,



so very


for who can I hold but You?

Who have I ever been

but Yours?

Ashes to ashes,

dust to dust,

naked I came,

and naked I am cursed to remain;

but it is here,

in the naked places,

that I choose Your raiment.

It is here, in the place of emptiness,

that I choose Your food.

I am Job ,

the One of Multiplied Gain…

Come, Immanuel

morning frost on trellis

Darkness hides when light  appears,

pain recedes when comfort nears;

soul is freed when soul bleeds tears,

Come, Immanuel.

Baptise earth with heaven’s light,

comfort  us with wrongs made right,

wash our tears, restore our sight,

Come, Immanuel.

Lean on Me

When cares weigh shoulders down with pain

and heavy is your life’s refrain,

in places where  your solace wanes,

lean on Me.

When hope is just a distant dream

and breakers wash your goals upstream,

in silence, when your soul bleeds screams,

lean on Me.

I am Rock, a solid mass,

I am Time, when seconds pass,

I am Truth, your looking glass –

lean on Me.

That Heart Would Heal

Spread the corner of your quilt o’er me,

cover me with your warm embrace;

blanket -wrapped on protective sea,

give me courage to retrace

steps of old, into war-torn field,

places where my fears reside;

walk with me into pain concealed

that Heart would heal, and no more hide.

Beauty is a Flower

Beauty is a flower blossoming in prison;

Love is a mama bird on a worming mission.

Courage is a suckling lamb with lion in its jaws;

Mercy is a cat letting mouse go from its claws.

Power is a tiny root growing in cement;

Focus is a tiger hunting with intent.

Forgiveness is an ocean breeze after weeks of heat;

Comfort is a new-born pup snuggled at a teat.

Strength is a sapling tree learning how to bend;

Justice is a hunted prey winning in the end.

Peace is an antelope chewing cud at rest;

Hope is a wild bird struggling in my chest.