fall flax


Earth’s rich tapestry

Spun from individuals

Stronger together


Fall flax field



You hold your head high

on a neck stiff with the starch of arrogance;

you may live at an elevated altitude,

but your collar is as blue in the shade as any other,

your substance is as much dust as mine.

If you will own your weaknesses,

embrace the molecules

which bleed when torn,

perhaps –

perhaps our souls could

fill the same sea,

our waves could curl on distant shores

and make of foreign pebbles

a new form of


Family Picnic

Just like a family picnic –

you and your various mini-me’s assemble in riotous good nature,

a plethora of shapes and colours and identities and ages;

a neat baker’s dozen of assorted pastries

dipped in philosophical frosting

and whetted on the milk of human kindness.

Each brings its own flavour as a side-dish;

dessert is served in the sweetness with which

you coddle your brood.