Her Flaws Are Preserved in Amber


Her flaws are preserved in amber,

cryogenic perpetuations cropping up

in her seedlings –

unless she warms up to the possibility

that grace

glows gold…

Thermometer Calls the Shots

Thermometer calls the shots these days,

and when He sanctions motion,

you move.


your frozen form

shakes off stupor

and snaps out of suspended animation,

cryogenic catharsis.

It’s business as usual –


Thermometer’s meteoric fall

puts you back

on ice.


It’s hard to imagine being frozen solid one moment, and creeping around the next – but with temperature fluctuations come mini miracles, when you are an insect… What a resilient race, to unashamedly seize each and every moment of favourable circumstances!   Can I learn something from a bug?