Passing Away

golden ash


Autumnal glory, haloed gold,

Crown of splendour from of old;

Dying embers, kingdom come,

Truthful speech from ashen drum.


autumn barberry


Ruby red, her troubled lips,

Ruby red the blood that drips

From troubled heart which, breaking, sighs;

Loving even as it dies.

A Death is Announced


Wisps of frost on aging head,

wrinkled creases, wisdom’s crown;

joints to pain and creaks are wed,

Folds replace a youthful gown.

Even so, her smile is strong

though sorrow lines her blinded eyes;

beauty marks her dying song

as Winter sings her last good-byes.

After the Storm

After the storm, the petals have fallen,

Gravity spoke, and persuaded the fall;

Sepals held out as long as they could,

But glue holding flower answered the call,

Relinquishing blossom, ashes to earth,

A dazzling litter of dying perfume;

Beauty in living, lived in full splendor –

Wrapped in death’s pallor, a beautiful tomb.

Every stage in life holds a wild and unique beauty; from birth to death, our paths hold deep significance and value.

Beautiful Posy

Succulent tower, decadent flower,

Offering spectators spectacle rosy;

Heaven-scent bower, evident power,

Dying to showcase your beautiful posy.


This succulent species flowers gloriously – and the flowering rosette is destined to die out after the show, to make room for the next generation of growth.  A rather vivid micro-cosmic example of life, birth, and death…