The Earth Gives Thanks


tamarack cattails.jpg

Thankful, grasses swish in breezes,

Ponds give thanks ere water freezes,

Tamaracks sigh benedictions,

Cattails pray with deep convictions.

Clouds that sail and geese that float

On autumn air trace thank you notes

As earth and sky and beasts conclude

That living well is Gratitude.

Labour Pains



These contractions

Surface skin stretches taut

Life writhes beneath

Earth labours to expel

Sodden Spring


taut wire


ink slimes its black

and worms trails

in souls with words

scratched indelible,

pithy as coal


oxygen breathes colour

and swims in silky

tides billowing,

angels in tow




stretched taut,

frayed wire hung

from precipitous

mantle, reach

for what

is mine

When Trees Cry

When trees cry, the whole world drips

in tingly, diamond fingertips

which rush down necks and trace lined brows,

reminding us that  pain of now

will soak the earth with verdant paint,

ignite sun’s beams with no constraint;

for tear-drops come, and tear-drops go,

but clouds will thin for those below.