You Say You’re Broken


You say you’re broken.



You say you long for lofty places

but you’re stuck here in the trenches.

What if falling

was the first step in rising?

What if breaking

set you free to evaporate and soar?

What if your damage

and misplacement

and confusion

were the aqua-duct

to the world’s Water Cycle?

You say you always dreamed of living on a rooftop –

what if you were meant

to join molecules on the moon?

Until you let go

of what you say,

can you be?

One Molecule at a Time

Miraculous media –

minutes melting,

duration dripping,

seconds slipping,

liquid allotment

evaporating into infinity,


inscribed into

rusty palm,

infinitesimal increments

spinning into space

one molecule at a time…